Let’s get Soci@l

July 3, 2010 at 3:58 pm (Uncategorized)

I thoroughly feel I benefitted greatly  from reading Soci@l, as it mixes a range of facts, tips and generally interesting information into a very easy to read style and layout, making it a very worthwhile and enjoyable read.

I must admit I was really captured by the introductory chapter ‘Why Social Media Matters’, as it really displays the importance of the internet and social networking in people’s lives and the potential that any company could gain from becoming a part of it.

The chapter opens discussing how people’s attitude towards the internet has changed over the past 15 or so years, as part of a ‘social shift’ and how it’s becoming a major part of the average person’s life. For three out of four Americans it is their primary source for communication, research and entertainment, spending more than 13 hours a week online. It also displays how online media sharing between friends can result in massive awareness, as seen from the “Kuroshio Sea” youtube video.

Throughout the rest of the chapter it explains how real everyday sale data, such as 80:20 rule, apply online as well and how relevant social networking is to the marketplace’s target audience, with over 60 million users over the age of 25 and almost 10 million over 55. If a third of all these users time is spent on websites such as these, surely there is a way to profit from this in the real estate business.

People are already out there getting involved with their companies, some more effective than others. In cases the smaller, local companies are creating a larger gain through more skilful approaches than the larger organisations.

The fact that 90% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home clearly shows its crucial to get involved to succeed, and Soci@l really guides you through not only getting involved, but how to take the first steps into dominating the online market.

This blog post is a review of Soci@l: Attract Friends, Followers and Connections to Your Business. Soci@l is a free download written by Ben Kinney in conjunction with ActiveRain and Jay Papasan. In exchange for downloading the free copy of Soci@l and writing this review, I have a chance to win a free iPad and I’m getting 2000 ActiveRain points.

Download a free copy of Social here and find out how you can have a chance to win an iPad and be guaranteed 2000 ActiveRain points.


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Game Ideas

September 24, 2008 at 7:28 pm (1)

Warhammer has been out for almost a week and i have been extremely busy the last few weeks. Here are the game ideas i said i would post. I will probably post about my warhammer experiences fairly soon.

My inspirations are:

WoW, WAR, 2nd Life, Elder Scrolls, Diablo 2, Zelda, Fable, Mount and Blade, Dungeon Master.

Also, The Drizzit books, Lord of the Rings, Silmirlion, Magic of Recluce, The Earthsea Quartet.

So here we go.

Broader Alliances – Players should be able to choose who they ally with and alliances between different factions should always be changing. Each race should be fully separate from others, and there should be different factions within a race. For example good and evil humans, but they can still use the same areas. There could also be times of civil war.

Classes – There should be no classes. An example of this is in elder scrolls. You choose how you play and are not limited to a certain area of abilities/spells/armour or weapons.

Personal Actions – What you do can make you stronger in certain areas and weaker in others. For example if you use fire spells a lot, they will slowly become stronger, but any ice spells will become weaker. If you are a heavy combat user your magic will become weaker and so on.

Abilities – A different way of learning abilities. Off of monsters by copying their movements as well as by trainers. By findingspellbooks and writing your own spells possibly. There could also be training schools where you practice your abilities and learn specific areas more thoroughly.

The strength on your abilities/spells can be based upon your stats, current spells, which you use etc. These can also determine what abilities you can learn as well. For example a strong melee user cannot learn a great healing spell. There must be balance. You can fail to learn abilities but repetition can help in certain circumstances.

You could combine spells if you learn how they are created (runes) and make healing spells cause damage to others for example. However there will need to be reasons for players to create strong tanks and healers for certain aspects of the game.

Different areas can have different types of trainers. For example, the dwarf starting area would be cold, and most trainers would focus mainly on ice spells.

Traders – Traders have limited gold, but hold stock sold to them and sell it to other players. Merchants only buy what they would be interested in. For example a blacksmith would only buy weapons and armour, but would pay a higher price for them compared to a basic merchant.

Quests – Quests would slowly change and update as well as move through phases.

Housing – Players could build their own houses in certain areas and keep certain items and armour there. Players could hire npc’s to run shops for them. However stores can be run out of business and taken over.

Professions – Professions would be useful to players in the game. For example a builder to create houses and shops for other players. Road builders, furnishes etc.

Reknown – You can gain reknown within towns and cities and NPC’S will talk about you.

Envasions – You can get random NPC envasions on towns and cities.

Mounts – There will be mounted combat.

Combat – There will be special fighting abilities. For example different swings and counters depending on how you use your mouse..

Weather – There will be different seasons, bring floods and other natural disasters as well as drought and the sort.

Map – The map will be more open letting player explore. However there will be a new kind of ‘edge of the world’. Respawns will also travel in to their area rather than just appear from no where. There will even be a climb ability to allow players to explore even more.

Instances – There will be class related instances for players to prove themselves good enough to enter grouped instances.

Armour – There will be different types of amour allowing players to mix and match between heavy and light. For example plate may restrict magic use but make you much tougher in combat. Runes in armour may increase your magic affect. Armour has properties that increase your stats rather than just being a plain piece of leather.

Starting – You are given different starting situations to determine how you will play the rest of the game.

Experience – Your experience bar continues to increase even after max level to allow you to change your current stats and abilities.

Real life – You may have to eat and drink so you do not stave. When you log out, you get an option whether to camp in your tent or to stay at an inn. A map will appear with thenearest inns and prices. While logged off you will make your way to the inn, but very slowly, but you will get fed when there. If a price in unavailable you will be asked when you log back in whether you decided to stay for the given price or not.

When you die you will be dragged back to the nearest town. You won’t actually die. For instances you will only be dragged outside of it.

Map – Your map will be filled in by what you actually see rather than by selected areas.

That’s it for now, i hope you like the basic ideas. Many need to be worked on and refined but i think some would be really great if inserted into certain games!

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Warcraft, Spore and my Hunter Guide.

September 6, 2008 at 8:45 pm (1) (, , , , )

First off, i still really need to write down my game ideas. I’ll do that asap.

Next off, my warcraft alts. I’m now down to 12 days and i’ve still got 9 levels left to get my 3 lvl 27s up to lvl 30. I then have to get all 5 of my level 30s professions up to 225 and buy my engineering recipes.

I think my main aims will be to buy the recipes and get the alts up to 30. That should be fairly straight foreword to do in the time.

I’ve been working on adding images to my Hunter Guide recently and the first 3 chapters are now done, save 2 posts that will be left until Lich King. I have most recently added a video to the guide, which can be found at http://artanishunterguide.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/about-kiting/.

Lastly is Spore. I have played on it all day today and i have to say it is brilliant. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested. My only disappointments were with how short the first two stages of the game were and how the creator outside of the main game allows so many parts. For example having access to spaceship parts when making a boat simply annoys me. Apart from those small points i am really enjoying the game so far and nearly have two separate creatures up to the tribe stage, one is there already.

Anyway i hope people are test driving spore, but make time to check out my kiting video =]

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Holiday & Game Idea

August 31, 2008 at 9:12 pm (1)

The last week I’ve been on holiday. It was a nice break away from writing and generally away from the computer.

However while i was on holiday i started to think about WAR online and why it makes me think it’s much better than WoW. The answer is simply, that it’s done in a new way and has new features.

So i started coming up with ideas and improvements i would add to a game. I thought up all different inspiring games and books i’ve read and played in the past. From all of these i came up with some general points which, i feel if used to create a mmorpg, could bring foreword the genre to a new point.

That point would be the point of realism. The game would seem as if it could just have existed in the past. Along with he sense of realism would be the complete sense of freedom. To be what you want, travel where you want and change as you see fit.

I’m sure  many of my points have been thought out by companys, but i must admit to acctually achieve some of them would be an enormous task, and some i could not come up with a way that they could work.

Anyway I’ll be finalizing them and post them up so people can see what they think. I think that if they could all work in a game, then that game would be great! 🙂

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Finishing Up

August 22, 2008 at 7:01 pm (1) (, , , , )

Today I decided to finish every group instance and visit every raid instance i hadn’t already.

Luckily I had already visited and completed everywhere in outland a while ago.

This first place i visited was Ragefire Chasm. Being Alliance it was once place i’d never been to, although ?I have visited Ogrimaar many times before. Upon entering the city i couldn’t help but take a quick break and moonfire an unsuspecting tauren who had just lost a duel. Muhahahaha 🙂 ! Well i soloed the instance and i came out with a large number of greens and 200 linen cloth! Every mob was dropping 5 cloth and i was amazed. The instance was als oreallyp really cool. Simular to Stokades in layout but much much cooler. For thse who havn’t been, it’s much like either of the razorfens with a Molten Core theme , but much simpile.

Next I was off to Stratholme. Althou I had cleared the living side many times before, I never entered the undead side before TBC was released. Today after it buggin gout once I finally cleared the area and finshed off the baron. Unfortunately no mount =[.

Lastly it was time for visiting hte only raid area i had never been to before. AQ 40. Altough i only managed to explore around the first boss it was worth it. I saw a new kind of mob i have never seen the likes of before, a new interesting boss and finally a stunning area. I hope to go back at level 80 with a group and clear my way through!

Well thats it. Everywhere explored for now, oh and i finally reached 8000g. Just 2k more before WAR online and i’ll be happy :)!

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Farming and Blogging

August 20, 2008 at 5:53 pm (Warcraft, Warhammer Online)

First off i’ve spent the last week or two farming in WoW for my upcoming Deathknight.

So far I have gone to all the lower level areas with various high level characters and farmed mats for professions. Using my own profession levelling guides, I have farmed enough to take my engineering to 300 along with recipies, my cooking to 300 along with recipes, enough herbs to fill up the contents of a normal guild space and have accumilated 7500g just for the character. My next aims are to farm whatever cloth I am likily to be short on to get my First Aid up to 375, any recipies and meat i will be unlikily to get to push me to 375 and the same again for engineering. I may gather what i need for fishing too, but that is unlikily. I have also gather large  bags to use as well as a few other essentials.

Anyway onto blogging.

I’ve been writting articles for dominateyoursever.com recently, but have currently stopped writting due to them being under a lot of pressure already writing what i hope to be very detailed guides.

So now  I have been accepted to write for a new blog. However this one is not for WoW, it is for Warhammer Online. The website is http://www.warhammergamers.com/ .

As i mentiooned previously i am going to be quitting WoW for a while to join WAR. While I play i enjoy to write guides to help others as well as an occassional post. However when I was offered the job I had very little idea of the game.

Since then I have read huge amounts about the game at http://warhammeronline.wikia.com and have almost become in love with how good this game sounds. As well as this I have also watched two years or so of podcasts by th makers themselves, over at http://www.warhammeronline.com/podcast/index.php .

Overall the game seems to be a great replacement for WoW and should be a very nice change. After a lot more reading I hope to have gained enough infomation on the game to write my first post. However it may take getting into the beta or even the start of the game to do that.

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Content Change

August 18, 2008 at 5:31 pm (Main News)

Anyone who has seen this blog knows that it has never been really that active.

To be honest it’s because i’ve never really found writing it fun. It’s been more of a chore i would rather not do.

Because of this i’m now going to change the style of the blog.

From September 18th i am going to try and make a short post each day about playing the upcomming game Warhammer Online. Before then i might make a post once a week about World of Warcraft and my experiences in the game.

Lastly i may make very short posts just about random ideas i have at the time.

So all in all, each post from now on will be less complete but hopefully i can make them much more often.

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Rise of the Argonauts

July 28, 2008 at 12:25 pm (PC Games, Reviews) (, , , , )

The highly loved film – Rise of the Argonauts – is being made into a brand new game by Codemasters. Codemasters has always been a favorite company of mine, making really great games such as Severance.

Rise of the Argonauts will be set in ancient Greece, with players leading a team of famous warriors including Jason, Hercules, and Atalanta on an epic quest through the ancient land to find the golden fleece. Each level will be a different island based on a certain old God. Each island should take roughly two hours.

You start off as king, meaning that you are already well equipped and know how to fight. Every item will be helpful in some way in the game and nothing will be left behind.

They key feature with this game appears to be the combat. Rather than in most games you have a standard health bar, this games seems to be far more realistic. A blow with a sword is likely to kill your opponent, but you yourself are much more vulnerable. This makes combat much more strategic and brings with it a much faster pace.

There are a variety of weapons and shield, all of which can be destroyed with carefully placed attacks, or like the spear can be thrown. You must remember though, because this game brings a much higher level of reality, you will have to collect a thrown weapon or replace a damaged weapon.

You will also have to choose just two of your companions to venture with you, bringing a high depth of strategy into the game. They not only work and fight by themselves, but also fight with each other and even you as well.

Another part of the game is maintaining relationships with the Gods. Please some and they will reward you, displease others and they may do their best to hinder or even torment you. You can also form relationships with other people you meet and they, in return, may come to your aid in an hour of need.

This is just a brief description of what the game has to offer, but from what i’ve read it seems like Codemasters once again have tried to make a game righting all the wrongs that games have today. I wish them the best and hope it turns out to be as good as it sounds!

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Artanis’s Hunter Guide

July 21, 2008 at 10:14 am (Main News) (, , , , , , )

I have pretty much finished the first set of updates. This is by far the biggest update the site has had and most likily ever will do. It took a lot of work completely reworing fonts and layouts but it’s all sorted now.

Images seem not to be appearing currently which is a problem, but i’ve laid out a list of odds and ends to sort out so it’s not too much of a problem. My current tasks are taking a screenshot for each post and finishing off the few posts i havn’t done. After that, i can begin work on other posts.

I also need to somehow create a Forum. This will most likily be added onto my main site, with the hunter guide just being a section of it. However i’ve never done anything of the kind before so it’s going to take a lot of work.

I also have work to do writting other posts, and i have a website to design and another to update. Not to mention posting here a little more and getting some free time to do what i want!

Well i’m glad i got it updated at last, it’s taken a huge weight off my mind. =)

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Hunter Guide Art Competition

July 19, 2008 at 6:43 pm (Contests) (, , , , )

Ok so i am running an art competition for the homepage of my new hunter guide.

  • The image must be of a hunter. It most show the hunters  head, all the way down to  the knees .
  • A female draenei will be preferred, although not necessarily needed.
  • If the figure could have two duel wield weapons at waist and bow in hand that would be great.

  • The rest is up to you.

The winner will receive a large amount of gold for their main character (200-500g depending on how hard it is to make the gold). Their image will be printed on the front of the guides homepage, and the written guide, and their name will be noted on the image at the bottom right.

Runners up will have the chance to have their work published else where in the guide along with their name.

All entries must be sent to pie_masters@hotmail.co.uk with the name “Art Competition”

I wish you all the best of luck!

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